Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tag Workshop Part 2b--acrylics

For this part of the workshop we used an acrylic paint wash to add color. This time I added enough water to create a wash with each color. Again I used Loew-Cornell paints, acrylic in tubes. I only used one color per tag--cobalt blue, burnt sienna, and green light.

Tag Workshop Part 2a--watercolor

Step 2a had us to use watercolor over 3 of the coffee stained tags. I was surprised that the water color was so deep in color. Perhaps I was a little heavy handed. I used Loew-Cornell watercolor in tubes. I had bought a set of 12 quite a while ago. I just opened them this week. Anyway, on one tag I used lemon yellow with yellow ochre. On one tag it was cerulean blue with prussian blue. On one tag I used crimson with white. I didn't like the result so I topped it off with more crimson. I think I'm happy with them. I'll make a final determination when I see how the tags are used.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tag Workshop Part I

As a member of The Artists' Circle, I am participating in the workshops. Part I of the Tag Workshop had us staining tags with coffee. I guess I don't drink my coffee as strong as I thought, since I did have to strengthen the coffee to get the results I wanted. I did a few extra tags adding string dipped in coffee, rock salt, and instant coffee crystals. The tag results were what I expected; I'm happy with them so far. This is only step I; there will be other steps.

Saturday, November 24, 2007