Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tagbook finished

I promised myself that I would complete my tag book before the start of the new workshop in February. I even decided that the theme of my book would be an Asian theme. I had many Asian rubberstamps and Asian related embellishments. I am drawn to the Asian theme, but haven't used my materials in many projects. This was a perfect reason to bring out the Asian supplies. The background tags were completed a few weeks ago; however, it took me until last week to actually sit down and begin work. Once I finally got started, it was easy and a lot of fun. Hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures of my book as much as I enjoyed making the tag book.


Lin Lin said...

Barbara, your Asian Tag Book is stunning. Each tag has just enough to represent your theme, and as Cindy has noted before, leaving enough of the background to show off all those stages of adding color. Congrats on sticking with your goal. LinLin

Cindy said...

Barbara-This tag booklet was all about learning the techniques and self did both like a master artist! I absolutely love the results you achieved! Cindy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tag Book, Barbara! I too was determined to get this project done before February--and I didn't! Congrats on your art and your determination to make it happen.