Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Workshop Week 2--Folded atc's

Week 2's project was fun. The challenge was to make folded atc's. They could be single fold, double fold, accordian fold, or whatever, as long as they were folded. I always love to try different techniques, so all three of my atc's utilized a different kind of fold.

On my double fold (Dreams) I used collage sheet images, stamping and stickers. On my accordian fold card (Wonderment) the woman stamp is from Stampland. I stamped her on glossy paper and used a roller to apply rainbow inks. I cropped the image to fit my card. The background stamp on the folded edge is from Stamper's Annonymous. To finish it off I used the definition of wonderment from a dictionary and attached a key embellishment.

The diagonal cut fold atc (Country Bridge) was a little more challenging. I knew that I wanted to use scene stamping and that I wanted the fold over to blend with the main part of the atc. Now, scene stamping isn't my greatest strength, but I figure that you don't improve if you don't try. Well, I got the scene stamped and colored, but it was just too flat. There was nothing to catch your attention. So I let it sit for awhile. I realized that it needed movement. I stamped a few deer and the couple walking. I think that helped liven up the scene.


gulfsprite said...

They are all just beautiful but that scene folded ATC is impressive to boot. I love the 'movement' and I especially love that when closed it looks as if the deer are caught in decision and then when open they have chosen to 'leave the scene' so to speak. Love it!

Moonwillow said...

Your ATC's are lovely, beautiful colors.

Casey said...

All of your ATC look great, but the stamp scene is amazing! I love how the one scene opens into two - how creative!

morningDove said...

your work is wonderful. I love the folded ATCs and different fold techniques. I esp. love the little folded ATC in your profile pic. He is so sweet.