Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Week in Wisconsin

I spent a fabulous week in Wisconsin at my sister Pat's house. My sister Diane joined us. We had a week of stamping and project making, all in the name of relaxation. I did stamp some cards, but mostly I spent my time putting together projects from past Club Stamp kits and from Club Stamp projects purchased or won. Most of the items were books. I love making books! I also made an atc display easel stand and a drop spine book box. I love doing my art any time. However, a week with my sisters who also love art spent in beautiful surroundings was fantastic. Pat took a picture of my projects laid out on a table. Now I have to find uses for all of these books.

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Anonymous said...

What absolutely beautiful artwork you have on your site. Wish I was at your sister's home, getting inspired. Keep on blogging!