Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gratitude Magician's Box Project--Club Stamp

Magician's Box closed

This month's Club Scrap project is a Magician's Box. Basically it is a decorated cube which is held closed by a ribbon and bow. When the ribbon is untied, the box opens to reveal decorated sides and two mini booklets or albums. As is obvious, I used an Asian theme to decorate the box. All of the paper except the square design paper panels on the outside is from Club Scrap. The panels are from Kodomo. I used stamps from the Club Scrap Gratitude collection and the Asian Ambiance collection to decorate the inside and outside walls. There are also some outline stickers used as decor. The inside base has dimensional ephemera from my stash. It always amazes me that a few pieces of bookboard, some adhesive, some pretty paper and a few stamps can be put together into an amazing piece of art.

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