Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Color of Money

The current color challenge at Gingersnap Creations is the color of money. What can show off the color of money better than money itself. I found the perfect use for the gold dollar coins that you get back in change from parking machines etc. Make a pendant.  I embedded one of these coins into some resin, sprinkled a little green glitter around the edges, and let it dry. Now I have a great pendant to wear.
Another Yahoo group I'm in challenged us to use a tool or product that we hadn't used in a long while. Well, I bought this two part resin a year ago and have been looking at the bottles since then. I finally got the courage to try and use the resin with this challenge. I guess that counts as a product not having been used in a long time (or ever).


Lisa Somerville said...

Fab use of the Resin!

Anonymous said...

I love it, great idea!