Thursday, January 7, 2010

KSS Crew Challenge # 21 -- A Stitch in Time

Happy New Year to everyone. This is my first post of 2010. Hopefully, now that the holidays are pretty much over, I'll get back to posting more frequently.

Another month means another new challenge from Kitchen Sink Stamps. This month the challenge is to include some kind of sewing on your art, either real or faux. This is a real challenge for me. However, it was amazing how everything fell into place. As I was working on a swap I had to do, I went through my stash of outline stickers and came across some outline embroidery stickers that I just had to have (about two years ago). I had never used any of them, so I decided that the KSS Crew Challenge was the perfect time to try them out. I chose the round frame with corners to frame a rose from my new Hearts and Roses set. It was a perfect match. Tos sew the stitches, I used a magenta colored metallic thread. To stamp the rose, I followed the suggestions of several other KSS users. I stamped the layers in reverse order. (4--fuschia [Club Scrap], 3--Raspberry [Adirondack], 2--Pink Sherbert [Adirondack], 1--Shell Pink [Adirondack]) I stamped the sentiment, from the same set, with Purple twilight [Adirondack] to coordinate with the stitching.
I'll divulge a little secret. Because of all the handling of the paper while sewing, I got a few finger smudges on the paper. Well, a little Versamark applied with a sea sponge hid the spots and created a more ornate background. Love those "oopses".


Lynn said...

Oh, my, Barbara!! This is gorgeous!! Your beautiful stitching is such an exquisite frame for your lovely rose!! And I love the "textured" look you created for your background!

Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous card in Kitchen Sink Crew Challenge #21!

Lisa Somerville said...

Just beautiful Barbara! Love your choice of colors, and your choice of stitches is great!

Mayhem said...

Barbara, I saw KKS stamps on your blog a while back and now I'm hooked too.!!! Love the colours you've used in this one. Amazing stitching.!

Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

WOW Barbara!!!! I can certainly see why you just had to have these embroidery stickers!!! I have never seen anything like them!!! ... and what you did with them with the metallic thread absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your card with us... and playing along! :)

Connie M. said...

Oh my Barbara! Your purple rose is just sooo beautiful! Love this!!