Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrate Mad Hatter Day with a MAD TEA PARTY, Altered Alice Style! Week 2

There are two Mad Hatter Days every year, and one of them is this month! In the United States, October 6th is Mad Hatter Day as we abbreviate our dates as month/day. In the United Kingdom, Mad Hatter Day is June 10th as they abbreviate their dates as day/month. So what do these dates have to do with the Mad Hatter? In the original Tenniel illustrations, the Mad Hatter has a price tag tucked into his hat band. It says "In this Style 10/6" which, for us ignorant Yankees means ten schillings and sixpence, or half a guineau back in Alice's day! So Mad Hatter Day falls on 10/6, and here at The Altered Alice, instead of choosing between date systems, we just celebrate twice a year!!!
Our generous sponsor this month is The Artistic Stamper, and they are offering a £15 pound voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps! They have a WONDERFUL online store that offers free worldwide shipping on orders over £35 and they carry loads of my favorite brands. The Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog offers amazing inspiration and interesting challenges, so be sure to visit! Jennie has kindly provided our design team with the Mabel Lucie Attwell Mad Hatter Stamp for our projects this month. It will be interesting to see how everyone applies their own style and vision to the same image!

The challenge this month is to create a project to celebrate the Mad Hatter, AND to bring something to our Mad Tea Party! Here are the design team's party contributions:
So find something fun to bring to our Mad Tea Party, and show and tell when you link your project that celebrates the Mad Hatter! You have until Friday, June 24 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4:00) and we'll announce the winner of the £15 voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps on Sunday, June 26! And Happy Mad Hatter Day from The Altered Alice!

 As you saw above, my contribution to the party is the pocket watch. But why wasn't it with the other gifts...well, this watch is exactly two days slow. To make the watch, I used the pocket watch case from Tim Holtz. I inserted the image of the Mad Hatter at the back. I added various watch gears, some hands and two red roses inside. On the chain I added several charms including a watch face, a tea pot, a word stick with the word "TIME", and a gear. HmmmI wonder if it's time for tea.

My project is a plaque which features the great stamp provided to the DT by our fantastic sponsor, the Artistic Stamper. The whole image was so wonderful that I decided to use a technique which would allow the image to show in its entirety. I used the pyramid technique from Technique Junkies for the focal image. In this technique there are several stampings and each stamping is cut down and layered on top like a pyramid so that the image below shows and lines up with the layer above.  The first picture above shows how the image looks. The second shows the pyramid effect from the side.
I hope you check out the other project of the Design Team on the Altered Alice site, and come join us as we celebrate Mad Hatter's Day.


Lynne Phelps said...

The two-day slow watch is wonderful, and I especially love all the "fobs" on the "watch chain", but your project with that 3D pyramid technique is blowing me away! I first saw that technique here on Sherry Cheever's blog, do you read her? She done several things including the negative or reversed pyramid, and even has an Alice project you can see in this category! Wonderful projects, and THANKS so much for being on The Altered Alice design team!!!

Vicki Romaine said...

Love your pyramid. You have been a busy lady. Each is so unique. Love your work.

MezzoKat said...

Too bad I missed Mad Hatter Day--it was my birthday! But that's okay, because, after all, today is my unbirthday. I love the watch, and the pyramid project is amazing!

Meme said...

Love the watch! where did you find the small parts. I like those little buggers.

Your pyramid is fantastic! Crazy like the was that turn out.

Way to go Barbara