Monday, July 5, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge 86

This week the movie challenge at Cinema Saturday was Bend It Like Beckham. Although I haven't seen the movie, I read a number of reviews and watched trailers on Youtub. It's about a teenage girl who is a very talented soccer player. She wants to play on a team, but her traditional Punjabi parents are against her playing team sports and want her to follow tradition--go to law school, find an Indian boyfriend, and learn to cook traditional Indian food. Of course there is also a non-traditinal love interest. The challenge is to create somethng inspired by something in the movie. The additional challenge is that we are to create any shape but A2.
Although the crop shadow look like my card has square corners, it is actually the shape of the soccer ball, round. My card represents the conflict between tradition--the Indian symbols and her dreams of playing soccer. The soccer ball is a digital image from the Internet. The stamped images are fromStampsmith's Passage to India sheet.

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Michele said...

this creation is wonderful! i did see the movie (long ago) and you captured some of its energy even if you didn't see it. well done.