Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Try That Technique -- Brazen Brilliance

This week's Technique Junkies Try That Technique challenge is Brazen Brilliance from the April '04 newsletter. If you read my last post, you might notice a similarity in the titles of the techniques used. Well, I misread the challenge and did the wrong technique first. You have to admit that there is a similarity in the names -- Brazen Brilliance and Brayered Brilliance. However, other than using Brilliance ink, they are two very different techniques. So maybe this week I'm doing a Try Those techniques. I like both of them. In this Brazen Brilliance card, the Brilliance ink peeks out through the background dye ink. It gives a cool glow to the background. My stamps are from the Artistic Outpost stamp sheet The Outpost.

1 comment:

Lisa Somerville said...

The Tech looks wonderful here! The black really pops your panel!