Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 -- Day 2

Blended Spritz & Flick

Brushless Watercolor

Wrinkle-Free Distress
I am participating in Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 class. I'm a little behind in my homework, but I will catch up. Since it is a chemistry and technique class, the tags are not a finished artwork, but show the technique learned. As I always do when I take a class, especially with Tim, I try to do what he does as closely as possible. Once I have attempted his version, I can go wild with my own creativity. I've started with day 2 on my blog since day 1 was an overview and there was no homework.
I am definitely glad I took this class. There is a lot of technique repeat in the class from Tim's blog as well as his books, but Tim is teaching from the chemistry viewpoint and I have learned a lot about the why's in addition to the how's.

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